We ship directly from the manufacturer (USA, China, Europe,  Africa, Caribbean). We have multiple fulfillment centers if you ordered multiple items please note that they may arrive separately. 

IMPORTANT: We are not responsible if a package is undeliverable because of missing, incomplete, or incorrect destination information. Please enter the correct shipping details when checking out. If you realize you have made an error, simply e-mail us at info@afroart.co.uk as soon as possible.

Afro Art Uk is not responsible for destination country tax and/or any duty charge that may incur. Customers will be held accountable for any restrictions, duties, taxes, and any other fees collected from the destination country.

Afro Art Uk will not be responsible for any Duties, Taxes, or Customs fees under any circumstances.


We process our customer orders within 1-3 business day after we receive them. We will forward the tracking number to you as soon as the product ships.

We ship worldwide in most countries. Please note, Qatar, Kuwait, Suriname, Lebanon, Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, Jamaica, Ghana, Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago, South America and South Africa are excluded FROM FREE DELIVERY.

We ship by:

Here is an estimate of the shipping times.  Due to factors that often affect international shipments, such as holidays, customs, and weather delays, we can only offer an estimate of shipping times.

Shipping Method Delivery Time Area
Super Savings 7-15 Business Days North America (USA )
7-15 Business Days Oceanica (Australia)
7-15 Business Days Europe (France Germany Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands)
7-15 Business Days Europe (Sweden Portugal Italy)
7-15 Business Days Europe (England)
7-15 Business Days Europe (Finland Iceland Switzerland The Czech Republic Greece Austria)
7-15 Business Days Europe (Norway Denmark Sweden Ireland Luxembourg Switzerland The Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Slovenia Romania Hungary Latvia Lithuania Estonia)
7-15 Business Days North America (Canada Mexico)
7-15 Business Days South America (Columbia Chile Peru Argentina Venezuela Ecuador)
7-15 Business Days Asia (Korea Japan Philippines Vietnam Thailand Singapore Malaysia India Pakistan Kazakhstan Iran Israel Saudi Arabia Cyprus Palestine)
7-15 Business Days Europe (Croatia Ukraine Georgia Spain Russia)
7-15 Business Days Africa (Egypt Libya Morocco South Africa Niger Ghana Cote d’Ivoire Togo Sultan Guinea)
7-15 Business Days Oceanica (New Zealand)
Expedited Shipping 3-6 Business Days Europe (Norway Denmark Sweden Finland France Ireland Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg Switzerland Germany Austria The Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Spain Portugal Italy Croatia Slovenia Romania Greece Hungary Ukraine Latvia Lithuania Georgia Estoni)
Europe England
3-6 Business Days North America (USA Canada Mexico)
3-6 Business Days South America (Columbia Chile Peru Brazil Argentina Venezuela Ecuador)
3-6 Business Days Asia (Korea Japan Philippines Vietnam Thailand Singapore Malaysia India Pakistan Kazakhstan Israel Saudi Arabia Cyprus Palestine)
3-6 Business Days Africa (Egypt Libya Morocco South Africa Niger Ghana Cote d’Ivoire Togo Sultan Guinea)
3-6 Business Days Oceanica (Australia New Zealand)

Note: In some circumstances, you may have to collect your package from the post office


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